Welcome Your New Guardian Angels

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guardian_angel_by_abikk-d2wfmziLots of people claim that they have a guardian angel looking after them, helping them avoid danger and assisting in their every endeavor.  Unfortunately, their claims can never be verified, so we have to assume that their guardian angels are a creative personal response to life’s uncertainties, a psychological creation that gives them comfort.

The good news is that our species is very busy creating some real guardian angels through artificial intelligence.  Here are some examples:

You will soon have a guardian angel keeping you free of auto accidents.  The guardian angel in your car will know more about driving safely than a million Los Angeles commuters know today about how to avoid accidents and get to their destinations efficiently and worry-free. The guardian angel in your car will be a massive amount of data installed in your computer on wheels.  Your angel is AI.

Car makers are already collecting a mountain of data about every conceivable driving situation, including the completely irrational and dangerous driving behaviors we now encounter on the road.  Your new guardian angel will know when a drunk driver crosses into your lane in a scenario that would have killed you before. Actually, the drunk driver will not cross into your lane because his car won’t let him.  Instead, his car—instantly assessing his erratic behavior and alcohol blood content—will quickly park itself—out of harm’s way.

Your guardian angel will tell you of the upcoming snow storm that will in the next few minutes shrink your visibility to nothing.  Your guardian angel will find a safe place to park and tell you what to expect next.  The guardian angel in the car coming up the road  behind you will prevent the driver from plowing into you and get him off the road as well.

Body shops will no longer be needed because there won’t be any accidents.  You won’t get any more traffic tickets  because your car won’t let you break the law.  We won’t need many cops on the road.  self driving car interiorlThe work productivity of commuters will soar because the car will become an office.  Your guardian angel will help you set up a video conference call so that you can have an international meeting of partners while you head down the road.

Always wanted the time to learn the piano?  Your guardian angel will allow you to practice on the piano keyboard in the back seat.  An hour of practice in before you arrive at work.

Knowledge is exploding in our lifetimes
For the first time in human history, we have the ability to store, analyze, and use all of the knowledge we create.  Carl Popper said that all evil is due to the lack of knowledge.  We are in the process of reducing evil as our knowledge increases exponentially.  

One current evil, the suffering of billions of people who don’t have enough to eat, will be eliminated as our knowledge grows about creating ample food supplies.  Huge data banks will tell us when and where to plant, how much water is necessary, what fertilizers produce the greatest yields safely, and how to distribute the food where it is needed.

Another evil currently being addressed by AI is human disease.  IBM’s Watson computer is sifting through massive amounts of health data to determine the best treatment for illness.  In time, the diagnostic guessing game that we face currently when we are sick will be eliminated.  Ultimately, huge data banks that track what happens in our bodies will be available to us individually and we will literally be able to heal ourselves with the assistance of our guardian angels.

Climate change threatens our very existence, and many are worried that our species is too ignorant, too selfish, and too greedy to learn enough in time to prevent the destruction of our planet.  But our guardian angels are beginning to come to the rescue.  AI is finding the leverage points that will allow us to become the stewards of the earth that we must become.  Our knowledge will eventually overwhelm our bad behavior as we look to our guardian angels to point the way to a more conscious life here on earth.

data head930Can AI become the guardian angel that will eliminate our learning disabilities?
What about the profound learning disabilities that prevent our species from evolving?  We have been examining our worst learning disabilities here in recent posts—self-pity, cynicism, and fear.  Will we create guardian angels that will disrupt these bad explanations and set us on a path of sustained poise?

I think it highly likely that we will. AI is possible because we can collect, sort, and analyze immense amounts of data.  IBM’s Watson computer can now defeat the world’s most brilliant chess players because we have fed the computer with nearly every conceivable chessboard configuration and every possible response to those configurations.

Can we do the same with our self-pity, for instance?  We haven’t done it yet, but we will, because understanding our self-pity will free our species of a disability that currently restricts the potential of most people on earth.  When our species no longer responds to life’s personal challenges with bad explanations like “I’m a victim,”  we will set free great new flows of energy, creativity, and love.

How might a new AI guardian angel help us soar to a new level of human potential by helping us eliminate self-pity, for instance?

data body

  1. We collect and sort an immense amount of data about self-pity: how we were taught by parents and society to feel self-important and, thus, vulnerable to self-pity; how our bodies react to certain challenges and how we misinterpret these visceral signals; how we incorrectly think someone is doing something to us when we feel certain emotions; how we seek support for our bad explanations and try to rope others into our victim story; how we develop communal self-pity and victim-hood; how we instinctively create victim triangles that become default responses that lead us down self-destructive paths; and how self-pity cuts off our love.
  2. We collect and sort all of the knowledge currently available about how poised people avoid self-pity; how they take full responsibility for the lives they are creating; how they interpret visceral signals in their bodies when challenges present themselves; how highly conscious people avoid communal victim-hood; how they turn challenges into significant learning opportunities; how poised people respond with love and joy no matter what problems appear in their lives.
    3. We put a sensor in our bodies that lets us know when our emotions are running amok with the anguish of self-pity. A computer we carry or embed in our bodies tells us what is going on with our agitated emotions, how to avoid self-pity, and proven strategies for moving back to a creative and loving response.

With the help of our guardian angels, we will discover rapidly that our learning disabilities guarantee misery and that a sustained poise guarantees a life of vibrant joy and practical advantage.

The emerging consciousness
Eckhart Tolle repeated in a recent lecture the observation that a new consciousness is emerging in our species, ending the era of mind dominance—the story of “Me and My Life.”  The new consciousness, in other words, ends the era of the ego—the story of “Me, the Unhappy One.”

chips in brainOur new guardian angels will help us accelerate the emergence of the new consciousness.  You may find yourself resisting the idea of a knowledge chip in your brain, but we have already accepted chips into our hearts, our ears, and other parts of our bodies.  

We will eventually welcome our new guardian angels into our emotional lives because our lives will be transformed and our species will be set free.

Our human assignment is to learn and to bring consciousness to the universe.  The work has already begun.  Scientists are discovering ways we can bring plant life to other planets.  Brilliant people are preparing to shoot us off into space, where we will colonize and learn more about how to spread awareness into every corner of the universe.

Our guardian angels will make all this possible. Let’s welcome the new guardian angels.


by Gary on October 8, 2016 in


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  1. So, all hail the great God of Science. Science has all the answers. It can even solve basic human conditions like self-pity. We’ll all just get chips installed in our brains. Brilliant. And when we’ve all been turned into robots, we’ve made it. No more of those pesky human traits to disturb our mechanical impassivity.

    1. Well, John, we could make a good argument that lots of people–maybe most–are robots already: completely programmed and predictable, without introspection, unable to learn.

      As you know, I think our purpose in life is to learn and that our ultimate assignment is to bring consciousness to the universe. With our current learning disabilities as a species–self-pity among the most difficult to overcome–we can’t serve our life purpose.

      Science is our most effective way of learning–not perfect, but the only way that we chart a sure path of learning. With science, we won’t become robots, but we’ll move ever closer to our incredible potential. Without science, we perish as a species.

  2. You mention introspection, Gary. I wonder what your own introspection has led you to realise about the nature of being, the nature of the self? What conclusions has self-inquiry led you to, about who you really are, beyond the outward appearance?

    The true seers, those willing to look deeply within, have known for thousands of years that we’ll never find the solutions to humankind’s basic issues by looking outside of ourselves.

    I’d encourage you to drop the whole “Science as God” myth, Gary. It’s just another religion. You might as well embrace Christianity, or even Islam.

    1. John, My introspection has led me to see that my “self” is perception. As Emily Dickinson said in her famous poem, “Hello, I’m nobody, Are you nobody too?” My learning takes me away from ego and any sense of self that limits my capacity to perceive this marvelous world. I don’t think science is God. I do think we’ve evolved–uniquely among all species–to be self-aware. Can we learn? Yes, by explaining reality and then testing our explanations. That’s what science does. The greatest scientists know that their new explanations for reality may be better than the explanations just replaced, but still flawed. So science is the process of discovering errors in our current explanations. I look inward, of course, and I look outward as well. Actually, there is no separation. We are the world.

  3. Some interesting debate. I am new to your blog, but I find it helps me already. The chips to help modulate emotions startled me. I want to be as optimistic about mankind as you. I do 🙂 I guess I’m starting to understand that humans have somehow misguidedly fallen into these emotionally destructive family cycles through this collective unawareness.
    But it wasn’t too long ago that I was trying to piece together in who’s interest was it to keep society so confused and distracted. I guess I still link many of society’s issues with control factions.
    I wish we could trust this technology to be championed by people with as good intentions as you, but in the wrong hands…
    I’m not closing my mind to it. I want to think we can create ways to make sure the wrong hands could never!
    Before I found your blog, when I was wasting all of my energy worrying about the World. I decided that we according to history always seem to underestimate evil, because we naturally think people think the same as us, hold our same morals, have our same intelligence etc, so we think that they are bridled by a conscience too and they think we would do the same to everybody else if we were in their position (go figure). So I thought knowing that functional psychopaths seek to work their way into powerful positions, and were able to make decisions affecting communities. That they somehow needed an empathy override. My concept was more basic and had brain scans to check for the ability to feel empathy & then with no persecution, simply assigning random compassion committees to approve their decisions. But the chips, your concept, used in this way first, if they could assist psychopaths to feel empathy, wow, that just absolutely would be great for the World! Imagine what would happen if large corporations started really searching their entire supply chains for slave labour/accompanying ecocide etc.
    I want to also say I love the other points of the article, especially the parts pertaining to self driven cars etc, as Buckminster Fuller attests to; things that are impossible, become possible!
    I believe also in innovation to address pollution, (I feel the term climate change brings up too much debate about previous changes in World temperature) and even previously thought a way out for Greece was offering scientists free lodgings and food for a share of profits in inventions to combat pollution and offer sustainable living alternatives. As soon as someone learns how to deactivate carbon dioxide damage or reverse the effects of acidification in the oceans, the better! 🙂

    1. Jane, Thanks for your thoughtful comments. I agree with you that humans can and will screw things up, even with the most enlightening tools at their disposal. Still, we are evolving as a species, I believe. We have become the most conscious beings in the universe, as far as we know. Our assignment seems to be to become more conscious and to spread consciousness into the universe. About the chips: I share your worries about misuse and control. But we already have powerful alternatives to chips that control our emotions: we have created anti-depressants and other powerful drugs that change our moods and help control how we feel. We smoke weed, snort cocaine, drink alcohol, etc to fine-tune our emotions. Gary