Gary is available nation-wide for speaking and workshop engagements on the subject of poise and how it releases human potential in all human relationships and environments.

Poise is an issue in every arena of human life where relationships impact the quality of collaboration, partnership and creativity.  People who lose their poise in predictable patterns are stuck, unable to tap their limitless powers. Their anger, irritation, impatience, self-pity, and victimhood pose considerable problems for colleagues, partners, spouses, or supervisors.  Groups and associations that convene to examine their work, learn, and be re-inspired will benefit from Gary’s deep and encouraging study of poise and how it can be developed.

Modern organizations require men and women who have enough self-awareness to sustain their balance, composure, and equanimity in the face of extraordinary challenges.  Today, all human groups must understand and address these personal issues as they develop strategy around human and organizational development.  Gary is an expert in personal, organizational and system development.  He has coached and trained thousands of leaders around the issues of innovation, high impact strategies, employee and stakeholder engagement, and leadership development.

Groups and associations focused on the following subjects will benefit from deeper understandings of how their employees, members, and other stakeholders can move more effectively toward their potential by learning to sustain their poise.

  • Education
  • Health
  • Parenting
  • The faith community
  • Social services
  • The recovery movement
  • Personnel development in business, government and non-profits
  • Politics
  • Marriage

Speeches and workshops address:

  • How poise is the highest state of consciousness
  • Why we have access to our full powers when we are poised
  • How we lose our poise and the catastrophic cost we pay when we do
  • The universal cause when we lose our composure, balance and equanimity
  • The path toward sustained poise
  • How we can learn to sustain our poise and how we can help others sustain theirs


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