This website and blog are dedicated to pioneering on the frontiers of human emergence. Courageous men and women who are seeking breakthroughs in awareness will find here a place to examine, learn and exchange experiences. The subject is poise, the seeker’s highest state of consciousness. I hope our time together will be challenging, provocative, and exciting as we leave the ordinary life behind and move to a vibrant life of joy and practical advantage.

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“Life is suffering.” Buddha Are we still suffering? Suffering has one of two causes: 1. Physical malfunction that produces bodily pain. This is real suffering, but suffering that can be…


“All going forward comes from desire.” Florence Shinn, The Secret Door to Success The universe seems to want something: emergence. It is going forward—changing, becoming more complex, creating consciousness of…


Lots of us are having trouble with our integrity. One of my friends, a trustworthy man who normally behaves with integrity, told me that he did some cheating recently. He…


poise : A warrior’s guide

Our focus is about getting the most out of every moment of our lives. Most of us know what it’s like to get the most out of a moment, and we’d like to figure out how to do it all of the time. Poise: A Warrior’s Guide, reveals what traps us in an ordinary life and charts the path toward sustaining a fully alive state. This fully alive state is the state of poise. We may believe that the best we can do is to enjoy life some of the time and suffer through life the rest of the time.…

A must read. The book has me in some serious introspection, knowing that I can possibly reach this high level of consciousness called poise. The narratives provide different perspectives so that it becomes believeable, and since the author shares his own mistakes, or loss of poise, it makes it humanly possible.

- Jessie