How to Avoid the Dead-end of Cynicism

It’s easy to get sucked into cynical explanations for the behavior of other human beings these days.  Cynicism is the armor many people wear to ward off a challenging and complicated modern reality.  Most people I know are at least somewhat cynical, and lots of people are shackled and disabled by the critique they have […]

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Are We On the Path of Knowledge?

Only as a warrior can one withstand the path of knowledge. A warrior cannot complain or regret anything. His life is an endless challenge, and challenges cannot  possibly be good or bad.  Challenges are simply challenges. Tales of Power, Carlos Castaneda Recent polls indicate that we Americans may not be learning much.  Maybe we’re regressing, […]

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Why We Have To Be Optimistic

Polls tell us that lots of us are pretty gloomy about the future.  Perhaps it’s the ugly political tensions we’re all observing every day , or maybe it’s the worries about terrorism, or could it be our perceptions about the economy, race, Zika, or global warming?  Or do people agree with Donald Trump that electing […]

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Trump, Clinton, and the Consciousness of the Voting Public

            We’re about to find out how conscious we voting Americans are—how conscious we are as a nation.     The human species falls along a spectrum of consciousness—maybe on a bell-shaped curve: A minority of us are mostly unconscious, brutal, and death-loving. Most of us, though, swing back and […]

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Serving Others Is Not Our Life Purpose

                  Serving others is our life purpose, Martin Luther King taught us. I used to believe it and repeated that moral position to leaders in my coaching work, even though serving others never felt like my own primary purpose, I recognize now.  Serving others seemed, at the […]

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