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Gary Stokes talks with Dr. Robert Zieve about the relationship between poise and good health on Healthy Medicine radio.

1 hour long interview.

Healthy Medicine Radio


Radio interview on Dresser After Dark, BBS radio.
How politicians play the politics of self-pity with an angry electorate.

Gary talks with Cyrus Webb on the Conversations Live radio show. This conversation explores what it is to be a poised warrior :


Gary talks with two funny and smart women co-hosts about the comic horrors of the ordinary life, a life full of complaints and victimhood. The radio show is The Attitude Shift and our topic is “What’s Your Sore Spot Switch.” This program last for an hour, but skip the first 14 minutes if you want to get straight to the interview.


Bonnie D Graham has a wonderfully original radio show which pairs guests on wildly disparate subjects. Here, Gary talks about poise with Bonnie and an animal telepath. The resulting exchange is surprising. The show is Read My Lips:


Gary joins Joan Bryden on her book review radio show, “Turn the Page,”

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