Guest Post Guidelines

The path toward a sustained poise is sometimes rocky and uneven, but always exciting and rewarding as we learn and move into a more expansive consciousness..

If you would like to share a story about your journey toward poise, you can submit a guest blog post.

Why write about your journey toward poise?

  • Writing sharpens our clarity about our journey, capturing and firming up what we have learned about sustaining our poise.
  • You will be helping us create a body of knowledge about how we can move into the highest states of consciousness and what it’s like once we are able to sustain our poise.
  • You will be connecting to other warrior travelers, seekers like you who are eager to learn from the experience of others.
  • You can gain exposure for your blog or other professional arenas.


  1. The subject of your post will be your personal journey toward a sustained poise. We’re mapping the universe of poise here but that large exploration gives you a lot of latitude. You’ll need to read some of my posts on The Poised Life to see what territory has already been mapped.
  2. Your post will be original and not published previously anywhere else.
  3. Length: no rule here: tell us what we need to know about your quest for poise. I may edit, with your permission.
  4. Include a brief bio—two or three sentences and up to two links that will appear at the end of your post. No links are required, however.
  5. Paste you submission into an email to me at and use guest submisson on the subject line.


  • Give me a couple of weeks to respond to your submission
  • If your post is chosen, please be available to respond to reader comments.
  • Promote and share your post with your network.
  • By submitting your post, you agree that The Poised Life will hold the digital publishing rights to the post if it is published, You will be free to publish it again anywhere, at your discretion.

I look forward to your submission!

Blessings, Gary

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