Gary provides personal coaching to seekers of a more poised life.  The purpose of this one-on-one coaching is to make a breakthrough into a higher level of potential.

When we lose our composure, balance, and equanimity in predictable patterns, we pay a high cost: we can’t enjoy life when we lose our poise; we make bad decisions; our potential evaporates; we lose access to our love.

A substantial number of people on the globe have worked  conscientiously to expand their awareness.  Still, even people of expanded consciousness find it difficult to avoid the subtle complaints of the ordinary life, the self-pity, and victimhood.  As a result, they find themselves in patterns of pettiness, anger, resentment, or impatience.  A deep dialogue about poise has the possibility of moving fully into a life of vibrant joy and practical advantage.

How to know if you might benefit from coaching:

  • You notice a regular pattern of lost poise
  • There are still some people to forgive
  • You have mostly good times, but still have periodic, uncomfortably negative times  in which you reject what is happening.  But you suspect the bad times are your own creation
  • You don’t have anyone in your life right now who has the clarity, interest, or time to pursue with you the issues of poise
  • You feel a bit stuck

How does the coaching unfold?

  1. We talk on the phone for one hour in each session about what’s going on in your life when you lose your poise
  2. You read the book, Poise: A Warrior’s Guide, in order to establish a language for our dialogue and to learn the map for sustaining poise
  3. We examine how you’re explaining the incidents of lost poise that are recurring
  4. We identify the elements of self-pity and victimhood that have become patterns leading to bad explanations
  5. We create some new explanations about what is going on when you lose your poise—good explanations that get you unstuck and flowing again
  6. We plan to establish the partnership or partnerships in your life that will help you sustain poise
  7. We practice, learn, and practice some more, using every day as our personal laboratory

How long does this process take?  Not long, for people who have already done a lot of work on their awareness.  Even though the work on poise is quite humbling for most of us, we can make fast progress when we turn fully to face our weaknesses. People who come to this deep inquiry with a full commitment can make major gains in a few hours of coaching over several weeks.

What this in not:

  • Therapy or even advice that a friend would give you.
  • A gimmicky formula for fast enlightenment

What is the cost?  There is no cost for our first half-hour conversation to identify your objectives, my ability to meet them, and make a decision to begin or not.  A month of  dialogues in six separate one hour sessions on the phone costs $500.  If, at any time, you want to end our process, your money will be returned on a prorated basis.

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