about gary stokes

Gary Stokes is a coach to leaders of transformational change and President of Mountain Consulting.  He has designed and conducted research to test innovative strategies for reducing poverty and other needed social change in partnership with national foundations, federal and state government, and local communities.  As founder and former CEO of Move the Mountain Leadership Center, he trained hundreds of leaders, among them  Presidential appointees and other top executives in government, education and business.  He has written and spoken extensively about the profound personal and organizational challenges facing individual leaders of large-scale change.

His book, Poise: A Warrior’s Guide, is aimed at seekers of a fully-realized life, a vibrant integration of presence, connectedness, gratitude, creativity and light-heartedness.  He is currently a frequent media commentator on how we can learn to speak across the great political divide between conservatives and liberals, in order to help our country realize its full potential..  He is also conducting research on how married couples can achieve a poised marriage, a marriage that lifts both people out of the ordinary life and into the highest levels of consciousness.  Mr. Stokes lives with his wife and collaborator, Mary Morris, in Prescott, Arizona.