Welcome!  This website and blog are dedicated to pioneering on the frontiers of human emergence.  Courageous men and women who are seeking breakthroughs in awareness will find here a place to examine, learn and exchange experiences.  The subject is poise, the seeker’s highest state of consciousness.  I hope our time together will be challenging, provocative, and exciting as we leave the ordinary life behind and move to a vibrant life of joy and practical advantage.

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The Shape of Our Ego

Studies of human personality types intrigue and amuse us as we search for who we are.  But then we go too far and adopt a personality type to describe ourselves for life.  That type becomes the shape of our ego. We love to limit our potential by putting ourselves in a box.  We feel safe […]

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Poise: The Most Important Gift You Can Give Your Cherished Children

Poised parents create an emotional and intellectual climate that guarantees a vibrant life of  joy and practical advantage for their children and for themselves. Poised parents actually exist and their balance, composure, and equanimity are built on a foundation of five elements of  poised thinking and behavior. 1.     Poised parents are present, living in the […]

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Want Some Advice? No, You Don’t

Giving advice is a bad habit and it usually doesn’t help the person we give it to. Nevertheless, I gave some advise to a government agency director who had hired me as a coach.  It was my biggest coaching gig to date—great pay, a prestige assignment, and a brilliant, accomplished client. We were discussing the […]

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Smart, Smarter, and Smartest

It’s clear to me that we can become smarter throughout our lifetime, no matter what advantages or disadvantages we inherit at birth. I don’t anymore, but I used to associate intelligence with IQ levels, discovered through written tests created by high IQ people. This post explores how we can become the smartest people on earth. […]

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Who Was Dad and Who Am I? Poise and the Past Perfect

Warriors, men and women at war with their own weaknesses, make a dramatic turn at a certain point, a conscious pivot away from the past to live in the present as artists shaping the future that is emerging moment by moment.  Before that momentous shift, we are frozen into a backward gaze much of the […]

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