Welcome!  This website and blog are dedicated to pioneering on the frontiers of human emergence.  Courageous men and women who are seeking breakthroughs in awareness will find here a place to examine, learn and exchange experiences.  The subject is poise, the seeker’s highest state of consciousness.  I hope our time together will be challenging, provocative, and exciting as we leave the ordinary life behind and move to a vibrant life of joy and practical advantage.

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Poise is a state of consciousness that can be tested and sustained only in the challenging arena of real life, surrounded by other people. As Ram Dass points out, the monk meditating for 30 years in a mountain cave may have achieved a profound quietude, but that poise will be disrupted as soon as he […]

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Saving Each Other

I saw them coming up the lane and guessed who they were. They were coming to save me. We live at the end of the road on the top of a little mountain, so we can see cars coming up our quarter mile dirt lane as soon as they enter our property and begin the […]

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Poised People Can Stop the Killing

For 30,000 years our species has been changing remarkably quickly. And we’re not done yet.               Still Evolving (After All These Years), John Hawks in Scientific   American,    September,   2014  To our consternation at this stage of human evolution, the murderous mass killing of men, women, and children continues all over the globe. Conscious people, grounded in […]

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What’s the Biggest Question of Your Life?

Let’s say that you will pursue the answers to only one question during your lifetime with the aim of creating the best possible life for yourself. Once you decide which question to devote your learning to, you will spend the rest of your life, every day, every hour, every minute, getting better and better answers […]

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Poised and Looking Around

Mary and I were in Rothenberg ob der Tauber, Germany, and I’d been looking around in near ecstasy. When I’m in a state of sustained poise—present, connected, grateful, creative, and light hearted—my view of the world is expansive, and there is so much to see that I could happily spend the rest of eternity in […]

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