Welcome!  This website and blog are dedicated to pioneering on the frontiers of human emergence.  Courageous men and women who are seeking breakthroughs in awareness will find here a place to examine, learn and exchange experiences.  The subject is poise, the seeker’s highest state of consciousness.  I hope our time together will be challenging, provocative, and exciting as we leave the ordinary life behind and move to a vibrant life of joy and practical advantage.

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To Awaken, We Need Feedback, Lots of It

“In any spiritual teaching, there is only one thing that is being taught–awakening.”                        Eckhart Tolle We are in a stage of human evolution that values feedback as a way to improve the quality of life. Even if institutions don’t invite feedback, they get it anyway because of the internet. Yelp, for […]

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Living in Awe

I’ve been living in awe much of the time lately. Awe is a feeling of reverent respect or wonder, great admiration produced by that which is grand, sublime, magnificent, or sacred. Most people don’t seem to feel awe very often, but I want to explore here the idea that we can live in awe as […]

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My Short Life Inside Heaven’s Gate

Paris: I think that heaven is right here in the midst of us. When I’m conscious enough, I can walk through heaven’s gates at any moment, and I can stay in heaven as long as I can be present, connected, grateful, creative and light-hearted—in other words, as long as I can stay poised. But at […]

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We Can’t Love Anybody When We Feel Sorry for Ourselves

Most people don’t realize that their self-pity and victimhood are a problem that keeps them locked into the ordinary life of periodic complaint, anger, resentment, and irritation. Feeling justified in their self-pity, they claim that they are simply being “human.” But when we feel sorry for ourselves, we can’t love anybody or anything. In this […]

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Is It Time to Pull the Plug on Some People in Your Life?

Some of our relationships are toxic and leave us depleted. But we don’t seem able to pull the plug, even though we should. When we fail to pull the plug, our energy is wasted or misdirected and we don’t have it available to grow and develop. When we don’t pull the plug with toxic relationships, […]

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